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Outubro 20, 2008, 5:48 pm
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Aproveita que a chefe não vem hoje e que é o ultimo dela antes dela voltar…Achei os links abaixo de insitutições e pessoas que podem ser interessantes procuar en Montréal: (kilos de links de instituições em montreal/canada/mundo)…esses links abaixo estão também listados aqui

e tem também p Hospeital St-Luc, que participou do Estudo Step…(e eu acho que deve estar participando de outros estudo…vou olhar no site da HVTN, depois).

Local Resources
Bi-Montreal – Resources and Support groups for bisexuals

Concordia Queer Union – Website for Concordia’s ‘queer’ community.

Feygelah – community-based umbrella organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and transsexual Jews in Montreal.

Gai Ecoute – Information and various services as well as a phone help line for gays and lesbians

GLAM – Website for the Gays and Lesbian Asians of Montreal Organization

Queer McGill – Website for McGill’s ‘queer’ community.

National Resources
AlterHeros – Canadian ‘queer’ site. Various sections.

International Resources
GSA Network – Main page for the gay-straight alliance network. For information on starting a gay-straight alliance, go here

GLMA – Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

GLSEN – Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

HRW – A Human Rights Watch site looking at discrimination with ‘queer’ students in the U.S.

LAMBDA – French site fighting homophobia in school

MetroM8 – Sex information for gay men in the London (UK) area.

PlanetOut – Gay and lesbian news site

Local Resources – Montreal web forum discussing sexuality.

Elysa – Reseach team at UQAM, promoting knowledge of human sexuality

Provincial Resources – French site from Quebec social services promoting safe and proper condom use.

National Resources
Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada – A Source site for aboriginal sexuality.

Wellness and Disability Initiative – Info site for information on ‘disabled’ sexuality

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education – Health Canada site on teaching sex ed

Come as you are – Co-op sex store in Toronto

Good for Her – A store and resource centre in Toronto, ON, promoting female sexuality. Excellent product information section.

U of T Sex Ed and Peer Counselling Centre – University of Toronto’s sex education and peer conselling web site

Lifestyles – Canadian sexual health web site, with links to several contraceptives manufacturers

Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada – Web site for the promotion of planned parenting education in developing countries

Priape – Boasting to be ‘Canada’s Favorite Gay Store’, Priape is known to have a wide selection of gay erotica as well as leather and other supplies.

Sexuality and U – Info site regarding sexuality for various ages and orientations

Spiderbytes – Teen sexuality information site

Women’s Health Matters Network- Index – Info site regarding women’s health

International Resources
Babeland – Women’s sex supply store

Blowfish – Sex supplies with various sections and product information

Go Ask Alice! – Columbia University’s sexuality information / Q and A site

Good Vibrations – Online magazine and sex shoppe

SAWnet: The Khush Page – Site listing organizations concerned with South Asian sexuality

Moi – Contraceptive products web site for MOI, advertising various types and styles of condom

Planet Ahead – Site for youths about sex – Sexuality information site

Sexuality Education Gateway – Info site for teaching sexual education in the classroom setting

YouthResource – Promoting youth sexuality and sexual diversity

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